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The title of Saul’s blog post actually reads…

“MI Endorsements of Saul Anuzis for National Committeeman”

In reality, it’s a list of who’s who of the Michigan GOP Good Old Boys (read RINOs) Club.

Here’s Saul Anuzis’s tweet about the endorsements he’s getting from [cough] “conservative” leaders.

Saul Anuzis (@sanuzis) Great Day calling Michigan Republicans as a growing consensus of grassroots leaders endorse my candidacy for the RNC!http://www.thatssaulfolks.com/2012/03/28/mi-endorsements-of-saul-anuzis-for-national-committeeman/

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By JGillman
Posted on Sat Mar 10, 2012 at 09:28:58 PM EST at RightMichigan.com

We have yet to see the minutes of the alleged meeting February 4th, where the rules were ‘adjusted’ for a winner take all of at large delegates.  

In fact, there is really no proof the meeting ever took place.  The folks who occupy the credentials committee have had ample opportunity to PROVE their intent was not to subvert the rules for the gain of their guy, but are slow in even coming up with made up documentation.

Kinda sucks when not everyone is on board huh Saul? Bobby?

It also doesn’t help when EVERYTHING points towards the rules being CHANGED February 29th. (After the contest was over)

Like the RNC Memo from way back in 2011. 

From: Redstate.com
Posted by Spunky (Diary)
Friday, March 2nd at 3:32PM EDT

RightMichigan has done a great job exposing the shenanigans in this week’s MI Primary delegate allocation fiasco.  I am a Michigan voter for Santorum, but this isn’t about Rick Santorum.   Nor is it completely about who gets that lone “at-large” delegate.  This is about the integrity of the election process.

It was clear reading former MI GOP chair and Romney supporter Saul Anuzis’s Facebook in the days leading up to Tuesday that the Romney camp didn’t like Santorum’s tactic of reaching out to Democrat’s in the open primary.   Never mind that it was Romney backers who wanted the open primary, Santorum used it to his advantage and they cried,  ”foul!”   Politics and rhetoric is the game and both campaigns were playing it to their advantage in Michigan’s tight race.  But at least we had the “integrity of the system” to decide the relative dishonesty and tactics of a particular candidate.

The voters gave Romney a narrow win in the state-wide popular vote and via MI-GOP rules a 15-15 split in delegates. Not enough for Romney to claim a clear victory in his “homestate.”   Santorum took to the air to claim his share of the spoils and Romney backers on the MI-GOP Credentials Committee took to the backroom to “fix” an error.

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