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Dump Saul Anuzis


Saul Anuzis for RNC Chairman

Candidate for RNC Chairman-Saul Anuzis From BRUCE ASH To Arizona GOP Leaders

‎”Saul is not the anti establishment candidate but he is NOT a member of the establishment .” That was 2008. He sure is now!

Saul’s Blog – That’s Saul, Folks!

Saul’s Facebook page

In 2006, Saul Anuzis Recruited Democrat Trial Lawyer to Run As Republican for Michigan Supreme Court – By Debbie Schlussel


Michigan DeleGate

After the fact, GOP changes rules to give Romney extra delegate
The Michigan View – by Dan Calabrese on Thu, Mar 1, 2012

Schostak, Anuzis all over the place on delegate kerfuffle
The Michigan View – by Dan Calabrese on Fri, Mar 2, 2012

State GOP spokesman: I’ll revert to that lame ‘smell test’ line to try to diffuse this
The Michigan View – by Dan Calabrese on Sat, Mar 3, 2012

Because The Narrative Cannot Survive A Rewrite – rightmichigan.com

Game On, Mr. Schostak – rightmichigan.com

A Tale Of Two Memos – rightmichigan.com

Anuzis The Core Of The Problem? – rightmichigan.com

Dishonesty Of The Republican Party? – rightmichigan.com

This Will Not Be Quietly Swept Under The Rug – rightmichigan.com

Bobby Schostak: Grassroots Are Stupid – rightmichigan.com

Day 8 of DeleGATE – rightmichigan.com

Michigan Republican County Chairpersons are Resigning or Being Purged!  – The Not So Lame Media

How Romney Supporters Changed the Rules to Get a Delegate – www.weeklystandard.com

That’s All Saul

Don’t get taken for a ride! Saul Anuzis will take the RNC in the wrong direction. Saul is a self-dealer, bad with money and a poor manager. He will only exacerbate the problems at the RNC pouring “Sault” on the wound. Saul Anuzis is even worse than the status quo. 

Saul Anuzis’s Statement on Michigan’s Delegate Allocation – That’s Saul Folks!

Romney gets Michigan delegate victory – CNN

Republican officials in Michigan announced Thursday they rejiggered the delegate allocation from Tuesday’s primary to give Romney 16 of the 30 available, with 14 going to Santorum.

Rick Santorum’s Lawyer Protests Michigan Delegate Allocation In Letter To RNC – Huffington Post

“I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules. I’d love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment.” ~ former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox

Bobby Schostak on Delegates: “Then they get awarded proportionally” –  Core Principles

After the Fact, Romney’s Supporters in Michigan Seemingly Rewrite the Delegate Rules – RedState

Dele-Gate: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Grass Roots Michigan

Dear Reince Priebus: This Must Not Stand – Catholic Bandita 

PETITION: Stop the MI GOP Corruption

Michigan GOP changes delegate award after vote – Mercury News

Michigan delegate drama – MSNBC



Look at all that Orange! (Santorum)

Look at all that Orange! (Santorum)

National Popular Vote/FairVote/National Popular Vote Coelition/George Soros


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