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What happens when the only candidate for a congressional seat that met the requirements to be on the primary ballot isn’t the choice of the establishment GOP? Well, you hold a secret meeting and pick another one, for the people, of course! This is what happened in Michigan’s 11th district. U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter is retiring after serving 5 terms. Well, actually he’s retiring after coming up with 1,833 signatures (requirement is 1,000), but only 244 were allowed.

The only candidate meeting the signature requirements to be placed on the GOP ballet for the Michigan primary, Aug 7th, is Kerry Bentivolio. Kerry, supported by TEA Party’ers, is a high school teacher and gentleman farmer (reindeer and chickens) from Milford, a veteran of the Vietnam and Iraq wars and a Ron Paul enthusiast. Oops!  Red flags just went up in the MIGOP.

About 25 Wayne and Oakland County GOP leaders and elected officials huddled Wednesday (June 6th) at the Suburban Collection Showplace to coalesce around one candidate. About 11 members reunited Thursday at a hotel to interview the possible write-in candidates the party could get behind, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said.

“She really knocked the ball out of the park,” Patterson said of Cassis. The vote to back Cassis was unanimous.

“While there is an individual on the ballot, the people deserve a choice, and that shouldn’t be an accidental choice,” Cassis said.

Detroit News June 7, 2012

There you have it. Kerry was an accident. The establishment can’t have a constitutionalist, small government, cut-spending candidate representing the GOP, so go behind the people’s backs and present their own RINO. This, I’m sure, will take up, strike that, waste time and resources to get the word out to voters that they have to write in Cassis’s name on the Republican ballot, correctly.

Cassis, who served in the Michigan House and Senate before being term-limited out after 2010, said she’s honored by the support. She has about $75,000 left in her Senate account, she said, and she and her husband are prepared to put $200,000 of their own money into the write-in effort Cassis estimates could cost about $1 million.

Elitist anyone?



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