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Michigan has been knocked off the national radar as the GOP presidential nomination process slogs on, but the Michigan Republican Party’s (MRP) delegate math has cause the Alpena County GOP chair to resign. 

Tanya HILL submitted her letter of resignation this week. Although she never mentioned presidential candidates by name, she made it clear that she was acting because the MRP chose to award Mitt ROMNEY both at-large delegates over Rick SANTORUM.

“I have come to the conclusion over the past several months that the values of the Republican Party are not what I had once thought them to be,” Hill writes. “Starting with the party vilifying several of the candidates running for the Presidential nomination and culminating with the Michigan Republican Party apparently rewriting election rules after the primary vote to favor their preferred candidate.” 

Richard D. Anderson, who is Alpena County GOP secretary, but stressed he was not speaking for the party, said he’s spoken to Hill and shares her frustrations. He said both he and Hill are Newt GINGRICH supporters, but he voted for Santorum in the Michigan primary because “I knew Newt wouldn’t win.” 

Anderson said the MRP and other state parties in Florida, Iowa and Maine “are ignoring the voice of conservatives” and working toward the “coronation of Romney.” 

He said he’s considered stepping down, as well, but he “hasn’t given up hope.” 

Anderson said he and Hill aren’t alone and he’s heard people “up and down Michigan” who are “sick and tired of party bending rules to support their candidates.” He cited the “Dump Saul ANUZIS” Facebook page, which takes the GOP national committeeman and Romney to task for his role in “Dele-Gate.” The page, which had 82 likes as of this evening, features pictures of rhinos, as in, Republicans In Name Only (RINO). 

Dump Saul Anuzishttp://www.facebook.com/DumpSaulAnuzis 

“They feel the Republican Party is too liberal and is pushing establishment candidates,” Anderson said. “If they’re not careful, the Tea Party could split off and form a third party.” 

Out of this whole episode, Anderson said conservative activists now have a “real admiration” for former Attorney General Mike COX, who backed Romney but was one of two members of the MRP Credentials Committee to vote against giving the former governor both at-large delegates. 

Coincidentally, the Alpena County Republican Party today announced its Lincoln Day Dinner is slated for April 23.

From MITEAPartyNews.com – Tanya Hill’s announces her resignation

Tanya Hill is a contributor to Michigan Tea Party News. She was also (until today) the Chair of the Alpena County Republican Party. Tanya has resigned her position amid the growing MiGOP DeleGate scandal and the overall treatment of conservatives within the GOP. She has allowed us to reprint her resignation letter.



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