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The title of Saul’s blog post actually reads…

“MI Endorsements of Saul Anuzis for National Committeeman”

In reality, it’s a list of who’s who of the Michigan GOP Good Old Boys (read RINOs) Club.

Here’s Saul Anuzis’s tweet about the endorsements he’s getting from [cough] “conservative” leaders.

Saul Anuzis (@sanuzis) Great Day calling Michigan Republicans as a growing consensus of grassroots leaders endorse my candidacy for the RNC!http://www.thatssaulfolks.com/2012/03/28/mi-endorsements-of-saul-anuzis-for-national-committeeman/

OK, I’ll be fair and add that some of the people listed probably don’t know Saul from a cow pod. They should do some research before endorsing him. I mean really, would any conservative of sane mind endorse someone that’s pushing, along with George Soros and other leftards, for the NPV (National Popular Vote)? Simple answer, of coarse not.

Oh yeah, before I forget… if you post something on Saul’s Facebook page  that isn’t in line with his bullshit, or in disagreement with him, he is now censoring comments and/or blocking people. No sense in having an open debate when you can rule the roost and silence the peons, right Saul!?

I will repost the names from Saul’s blog here for the sake of archiving them. You never know what may change. If any “conservative leaders” in this list wish to be removed, you may post in the comments below and I’ll make sure Saul knows. 😉

The following Michigan Republicans have ENDORSED Saul Anuzis’ re-election as their RNC National Committeeman for Michigan – list as of 3/30/12.

Pauline Morency Abbo
Prudy Adam
Molly Agostinelli
Suzanne Miller Allen
Wendy Anderson
Lynn Aronoff
Aaron Bayliss
Carolyn Belaen
David Belean
Dan Benishek – Congressman [really Dan? Not you, too!]
Scott Bennett
Linda Birgel
Beverly Bodem
Jase Bolger – Speaker of the House
Patti Bostwick
Michael Bouchard – Oakland Co. Sheriff
Wayne W. Bradley
Brian Breslin – MSU Trustee
Jasmine Bridges
Torion Bridges
Jon Brown
Kevin Brownlow
Dave Camp – Congressman
Joe Capozzoli
Victor Cassis
Libby Child
John Chouinard
Robert Chmielewski
Susan Chmielewski
Connie Clark
Mike Clark
Bishop Ira Combs
Florence Connolly
Mike Cox – Former Attorney General (see Oh Yeah – THOSE Rules – Day 10 Dele-GATE)
Christopher Cummins
Richard Cunningham
Scott Czasak
Paul Cusick
Brandon M. Darin
Mary Kathryn DeCuir
Gailute Dedinas
Bruce De Schaaf
Paul DeYoung
David Doyle
Laurie DuMouchelle
Ted Dusseau
Michael Emlong
Andrew Emmitt
Kim Emmons
Doug Erickson
Jeff Farnsworth
Melissa Fazio
Allan Filip
Eleanor E. Fisher
Hubert Fisk
William C. Flory
Melanie Foster – MSU Trustee
Hank Fuhs – MRP Secretary
Paul Garfield
Jacob J. German
Gail & John Gisler
Matt Golden
Denise Graves
Joe Graves – State Rep.
Donzell Green
Joe Groff
Stanley Grot
Jean Gush
Carol & Jay Hackelman
John Haggard
Phyllis Haggard
Frank Hamet
Sandra Hanson
Krista Haroutunian
Susan & Ed Haroutunian
Barbara Harrell
Joseph Hass
Al Heilman
Gerry Hildenbrand
Tim Hodgman
Jim Hood
Dan Horning
Holly Hughes – State Rep.
Adam Hume
Gary Husted
Nancy Hutchins
Linda Irwin
Dianna Johnson
Judy Todd Johnson
Nancy I. Jones
Theresa Joseph
Emilee Karr
Richard Keier
Dorothy Killner
Carol Knoblauch
Walter Koppe
Priti Kothari
Nick Kowalski
David Krueger
Christopher Kulesza
Bill LaBre
Paul Leidig
Dennis Lennox
Ruth M. Lewis
Eric Lind
Margaret & John Loglin
Joanne Hopkins-Lucia
Lisa Posthumus Lyons – State Rep.
Rob Macomber
Gerry Mason
Jared Maynard
Maxine McClelland
Thaddeus McCotter – Congressman
Laurie McHugh
George McManus
Eileen McNeil
Larry Meyer
Carl Meyers
Julia Michals
Mary Ann & Mick Middaugh
Frankie Middleton
Leonard Mier
Candice Miller – Congresswoman
Mike Mitchell
Dave Mook
Sam Moore
Anna Mouser
Theresa Mungioli
Janice Nearon
Deloris Newell
Andrea Newman – UM Regent
Jon Nunn
Ronald W. Odenwald
Larry Pascador
Lu Penton
Juanita Pierman
Cindy Pine
Dennis Pittman
Dick Posthumus – Former Lt. Governor
David Potts
Shannon Price
Andrew “Rocky” Rackowski
Cheryl V. Rafdal
Judy Rapanos
Jim Rhoades
Andrew Richner – UM Regent
Randy Richardville – Senate Majority Leader
Lawrence Rocca
Mike Rogers – Congressman
G. Scott Romney
David Rozanski
Steve Rudoni
Bill Runco
Joan Runnels
Richard Runnels
Scott Saionz
Stu Sandler
Harry Sawicki
Barb Schafer
Bob Schafer
Wayne Schmidt – State Rep.
Matthew Schneider
Bobby Schostak – MIGOP Chairman (see Oh Yeah – THOSE Rules – Day 10 Dele-GATE)
Bill Schuette – Attorney General (see Oh Yeah – THOSE Rules – Day 10 Dele-GATE)
Ida Shelly
Don Shimmel
Norm Shinkle
Pamela Smith
Martha Snow
Rick Snyder – Governor
Eric St. Onge
Anthony Stackpoole
Dennis Starner
Teresa Stayer
Brent Stanton
Tom Stroup
Doreen Takalo
Linda Lee Tarver
Mary Kay Thayer
Brian Thiede
Jeff Timmer
Mary Treder Lang
Kurt Van Koevering
Cheryl Ulsh
Mary Vaughn
Frank Venuto
Darlyn & Alex Vigh
Pete Vitale
Tim Walberg – Congressman
Paul Walker
Jack Waldvogel
Cheryl Warner
Eileen Weiser – State Board of Ed
Ron Weiser
Paul Welday
Jeff Wiggins
Steve Willis
Robert Winter Sr.
Sharon Wise – MIGOP Co-Chair (see Oh Yeah – THOSE Rules – Day 10 Dele-GATE)
Donn Wolf
Bill Womer
David A. Worth
Lori Wortz
Joseph Xuereb
Sharon Yentch
Christine Young
Justin Zatkoff


For more information on the Michigan DeleGate fiasco, you may go here “Ongoing Chronological list of “Dele-Gate“. (PDF file)


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